Morgana BM 60 Bookletmaker

The BM 60 bookletmaker from Morgana, is a compact and simple to use booklet maker for hand feeding.
Manufacturers: Morgana , Plockmatic


Morgana BM 60 Bookletmaker

This machine is able to saddle staple and fold booklets of up to 22 sheets of 80gsm paper, giving up to 88 page booklets. Side and corner stapled documents can also be produced with this versatile machine. Sheets ranging from 60gsm to 250gsm and from SRA3 to A5 can be run to produce A6 to A4 sized booklets. Booklets with loop stapling can also be produced, by simply changing the stapler head.

Various functions are engaged or disengage from the operator panel: manual or automatic mode, stapling off for folding only or folding off for stapling only.

Up to 1800 booklets can be produced per hour on this well proven and sturdy product machine. The BM 60 is a market leader for the hand fed booklet maker segment.

Key Product Features

  • 1800 booklets per hour
  • Saddle staple and fold
  • Up to 88 page booklets on 20lb bond stock 
  • Media weight : 16lb bond - 70 lb cover
  • Media size : 12.6 x 17.7" - 5.83 x 8.27"
  • Side and corner staple
  • Booklet sizes from 8.5" x 11" - 4.25 x 5.85"

Speed:  Up to 1800 books/hour
Dimensions:  W38" x H49" x D20"
Electrical Requirements:   
Product Weight:  121 lb
Shipping Weight:   
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