Citoborma 90 Range Drill

The Nagel Citobormas are known world wide as the industry standard for twin or single spindle drills.

Citoborma 90 Range Drill

The Citoborma 90 drills cover a wide range of applications and are remarkably user-friendly The standard version of the Citoborma 190 and 290 comes as a table top model. They are available with one spindle, two fixed spindles or two spindles with variable distance for any combination of holes to be drilled.

Key Product Features

  • Unique quick release FlexoDrill sliding table.
  • Suitable for drilling paper, cardboard, plastic, textiles, leather etc.
  • 6 preprogrammed hole patterns set-up within a second.
  • Additional tabulator bar with interchangeable stops for individual programs.
  • Paper width up to 470 mm.
  • Throat depth up to 105 mm.
  • Smooth drilling process.

NAGEL CITOBORMA twin-spindle 290

Model Citoborma 290 B with two self-centering spindles that can vary in position between 45 – 160 mm.

Allows any combination of holes to be drilled.

Model Citoborma 290 with fixed centres 80 mm. Achieves the two hole pattern in one stroke.

Single drill spindle for any hole pattern. Same precision as the larger models.


NAGEL-drill bits with colour-coding.
Type 1 quality
Green colour-coding.

 High-speed steel  Suitable for offset, copying and typing paper and board  Recommended for all manual drilling machines  Excellent value for money.

HD quality
Yellow colour-coding  High-speed steel with high-density special coating  Service life up to four times that of type 1  Suitable for art paper and illustration printing paper  Top performance in high volume applications.


Teflon quality
Blue colour-coding  Teflon-coated high-speed steel  Suitable for coated papers and board, plastic, films and rubber.

See product brochure for full specifications of the range


Technical Specifications


Stops: Fully adjustable and self-centering
Dimensions: L640 x W600 x H700mm
Drill diameter: 2 - 20mm
Heads: 1
Electrical: 240v 50/60hz
Sheet Size: 470mm
Thickness: max 60mm  

Product Option

Drill Bit Guide 50.75 KB pdf

Product Manuals


Citoborma 90 Brochure 388.86 KB pdf
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