LA-EX Paper Drill

LA-EX series is designed for taking ease of operation, high cost performance with accuracy and safety into consideration.
LA-EX Paper Drill
The Inverter equipped LA-EX series synchronizes both spindle rotation and stroke speed which is easily adjusted by a switch located at the front table. Simple to adjust drill bit heights save time and independently moving drilling heads are the perfect solution for any irregular pitch drilling.


  • 2, 3 or 4 Headed drill
  • Up to 65mm drill
  • Operated by two push button or foot switch




Technical Specifications


Paper size, max: 376mm (B4 longitudinal) W300 x L420mm
Drilling thickness, max: 65mm
Drilling diameter: 3 – 14mm
Back margin: 5 – 65mm
Selection of pitch: Freely adjustable by universal pitch gauge
Table size: W1000 x D470mm
Dimensions : 1220(W) x 660(D) x 1370(H)mm
Electrical Requirements : 220-240VAC, 50 or 60Hz, Single phase
Product Weight : 200kg (LA-EX2) / 210kg (LA-EX3) / 220kg (LA-EX4)


LA-EX Drill Data Sheet 511.69 KB pdfdril

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