Collators/Sheet Feeders

Picture of Morgana 510 Feeder/Collator

The 510 series of feeders/collators are based on a standard 10 station, high capacity bin tower structure with centre registration.

Picture of Bourg Sheet Feeder (BSF)

For customers hesitating between Off-Line and In-Line finishing, C.P. Bourg offers the best of both worlds with the Dual-Mode Bourg Sheet Feeder (BSF). It allows multiple printers/presses to share one finishing device. Positioned In-Line between a printer/press and the finishing equipment, the BSF allows digital and offset print shops with different printers to easily shift and/or merge job production using the Dual-Mode (by shifting between In-Line and Off-Line/Near-Line modes), achieving productivity increases while maintaining integrity of collated output.

Picture of Morgana VF602 Dual Bin Vacuum Feeder

The VF602 carries all the great features and look of the AF602 feeder but with a vacuum feeding technology. The current AF602 has been very well received for its reliable and fast feeding of digital media, however vacuum feeding technology has been requested by some customers. The NEW VF602 Feeder features vacuum driven feeding heads with unique self-adjusting air separation to cope with even the most sensitive scratch prone and difficult media.

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