Crease Matic 150 Creaser

The Crease Matic 150 is a fully programmable card creaser using a matrix style crease, this crease prevents toner cracking when folding digitally printed card. A rotary perforating option is also now available for the CM150.

Crease Matic 150

Up to 2000 sheets per hour can be stream-fed by hand, simply advance the sheet from the feeder tray to the input rollers and the CreaseMatic takes over.

Up to 9 creases per sheet can be programmed, on card from A5 to SRA3 and 6 page A4. The CM150 is supplied with four creasing width tools to cover the stock range of 80-350gsm. 3 creasing tools are steel matrix, the 4th is a matrix bar to which Channel Matrix self-adhesive matrix can be attached. These Channel Matrix are available in many sizes and are inexpensive to use, they have proved very popular for creasing lightweight stocks 80-150gsm.

The CreaseMatic 150 is quiet in operation and ideally suited for short-medium runs of digitally printed card.

The CreaseMatic 150 is designed to fill the gap in the market between desk-top card creasers and the fully automatic suction feed models currently available.

Feedback from our customers prompted the design and construction of this new programmable machine, which is capable of delivering quick and reliable creasing results at around half the price of auto-feed models on the market.

The CreaseMatic 150 is floor standing and mobile, with a footprint of 100 cm x 50 cm. The operator loading height is 88 cm giving the operator a convenient loading position to feed from.

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