Picture of Uchida VS-55 Electric Paper Drill

The Uchida VS-55 Paper Drill is a heavy-duty paper drill to handle regular drilling work, while retaining simplicity of use and with no loss of versatility. It is the machine to use where quantities of documents need to be drilled for correct archiving. The choice of holes drilled rises to 13mm in diameter while a 376mm maximum paper length will cover the paper formats that are most common in office use.

Picture of Citoborma 111 Electric Paper Punch

The Nagel Citoborma 111 Electric Paper Punch can be used anywhere where a manual perforator is inadequate. In banks, local authority offices, printers, trade and industry, legal and accountancy practices and much much more.

Picture of Citoborma 490 Drill

The Citoborma 490 is a production machine designed for fixed use. It features a torsion free machine base, manufactured from heavy metal profiles, which guarantees the highest precision for drilling.

Picture of Citoborma 90 Range Drill

The Nagel Citobormas are known world wide as the industry standard for twin or single spindle drills.

Picture of LA-EX Paper Drill

LA-EX series is designed for taking ease of operation, high cost performance with accuracy and safety into consideration.

Picture of Uchida VS 200 Twin Head Drill

Compact table top twin head drill

Picture of Uchida VS 25 Single Head Drill

Compact tabletop single head drill

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