EBA 2326 C Shredder

Practically brand new shredder, only used as a showroom model. Very little use and in perfect working order.


Complete with a 100 litre capacity bin and a patented "ECC" Electronic Capacity Controler that monitors and indicates sheet input capacity to prevent user jamming the machine during operation. A photo cell in the feed opening automatically starts the shredder when paper is inserted and stops when the paper has passed through the photo cell.

  • Multifunction control element EASY_SWITCH with integrated optical indicators for the operational status of the shredder.
  • Automatic start and stop via a photo cell.
  • Convenient 260 mm feed opening.
  • ECC - Electronic Capacity Control indication of the used sheet capacity during shredding process.
  • Sturdy steel cutting mechanism that swallows paper clips.
  • 30 years guarantee on the solid steel shredding shafts.
  • Suitable for safe shredding of CDs or DVDs (EBA 2326 S and EBA 2326 C).
  • Powerful 640-Watt-motor for continuous operation.
  • Operation practically free of respirable dust.
  • Sturdy Twin Drive System with dust-proof gear box housing.
  • High-quality wooden cabinet, mobile on castors.
  • Convenient shred bin from unbreakable plastic.
  • 100 litres volume for the shreds.
  • Attractive colour combination: silver / dark grey.

SPS- (Safety Protection System) package:
Electronically controlled, transparent safety flap in the feed opening as additional safety element. Automatic reverse and power cut-off (avoids paper jams). Automatic stop if the shred bin is full. Electronic door protection via a magnetic proximity switch. Double motor protection. Energy saving mode (ESM)

Quality �Made in Germany�

Insertion width: 260mm
Power connection in volts/Hz: 230/50 (other voltages available)
Motor capacity: 640 Watt
Dimensions: W 492x D 470x H 926 mm

Document shredder EBA 2326 S: Strip cut. Weight: 48 kg
Document shredder EBA 2326 C: Particle cut to meet the demands of security level 3 and 4

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