EBA 4305 Guillotine

The EBA 4305 guillotine has been designed for use in offices, copy centres, copy shops, home printing offices and small print shops. Ideal wherever paper has to be cut quickly and precisely without a major investment in technology. Due to the compact nature of these machines they fit into the smallest area.

EBA 4305 Guillotine

The EBA 4305 offers high cutting performance which is easy and safe to operate with a new digital display.

Supplied with a knocking up block. This is a bench top model but does have the option of a stand or cabinet available at extra cost.


  • Cutting length – 430mm
  • Cutting height – 40mm
  • Narrow cut – 34mm
  • Table depth – 435mm
  • Manual clamp
  • Manual cut
  • Manual back gauge
  • Safety guard

Data Sheet

EBA 4305 Data Sheet 623.25 KB pdf

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