Hohner has been an engineering company for over 85 years and for over 60 years has specialised in the design and manufacture of wire stitching equipment the companies philosophy of specialisation in a particular field of technology has allowed Hohner to develop into a go global brand for narrow stitching heads,Smaller saddle binders and wire stitching machines .

This development has its origin in the company philosophy the central element of which is not short term thinking but the long-term perspective.

Hohner deliver solutions and systems to work clients that are for solid competitive advantage in their markets we improve our products constantly and therefore guarantee constantly rising customer satisfaction.

Picture of Hohner Compact Booklet Maker

For the first time, the functions of bookletmaking and trimming are now combined in a single and compact unit. With the widest range of different formats in its class and a short set-up time, it is particularly suited for small, medium and frequently changing run lengths making it ideal for digital or offset printing.

Picture of Hohner HSB 13.000

The HSB 13.000 is our most forward thinking solution, requiring a minimum amount of personnel, to compliment your efficient workflow in the saddle binding element of your Bindery with shorter set-up times. Totally automated, if desired – even down to the compensating stacker – the HSB 13.000 can, like no other, be changed from one job to another, from small formats up to a maximum DIN A3 in a matter of minutes.

Picture of Hohner HSB 9.000

The HSB 9.000 is the ideal solution if you are looking for a semi-automatic saddle binder for finishing folded sheets in small and medium runs. Hidden behind a compact footprint is our “HSB 9.000”, well designed and capable of a wide range of formats.

Picture of Hohner HSB DIGI-FS 9

The HSB DIGI-FS 9 is a real all-rounder: DIGI-Finisher, folder-stitcher and conventional saddle stitcher in one, making it a truly revolutionary product for postpress finishing. Depending on your requirements, it can be ultra-compact or expanded into a large system and offers typical Hohner user-friendliness and maximum flexibility.

Picture of Hohner Economy 25/40

The perfect solution for standard and loop stitching of pads and brochures

Picture of Hohner Exact

This multi head wire stitching machine for mixed applications

Picture of Hohner Exact Plus

The semi-automatic this stitching machine with handfeeding

Picture of Hohner Orion 4

The flexible big one is an all-rounder wire stitching machine

Picture of Hohner Universal 43/6-S

The stitching head with a sensational, minimum distance between stitch centres reduced down to 43mm

Picture of Hohner Universal 70/20

With its two-stroke operation this stitching head fits on automatic bindery flow stations and on machines where the volumes are high and demanding.

Picture of Hohner M 45/6

With this stitching head all users of Müller Martini, Osako and Purlux can also enjoy Hohner quality and reliability.

Picture of Hohner M 55/L

The M55/L is the perfect solution for the installation of loop stitching heads on Müller Martini, Osako and Purlux stitchers.

Picture of Hohner ST 43

The narrowest stitching head, especially developed for Heidelberg ST 400 and ST 450 saddle binders, which in addition is suitable for multiple applications because of its minimum stitch distance centres of 43mm

Picture of Hohner ST 55/L

The ST 55/L is the perfect solution for loop stitching on the Heidelberg ST 400 and ST 450 saddle binders

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