Hohner Exact

This multi head wire stitching machine for mixed applications
Manufacturer: Hohner


The flexible mini

This multi head wire stitching machine for mixed applications is characterised by:

  • Equipped as standard with Universal 52/8S stitching heads. It is possible to fit up to four of these heads to the machine.
  • Standard and loop stitching or mixed applications
  • Perfectly suitable as a stand-alone machine, for the completion of a whole system and/or test unit
  • Maximum stitching thickness 8 mm for standard stitching
  • Easily convertible stitching table from pad stitching (flat) to brochures (saddle)
  • Many varieties of exchange parts sets for a wide range of staple options are available to fit at a later stage.
  • Simultaneous and central adjustment of stitching thickness and wire length of all heads with only one lever
  • A backstop and two side lays are fully adjustable for accurate and easy positioning of the staples.
  • Extremely easy for the operator to change from one format to another.
  • Perfectly suitable for small production runs, sample stitching or off-line applications
  • Maximum stitching per head: 206 staples per minute
  • Table size 550 x 280 mm.

Technical Information

Capability and formats  
Mechanic cycles per minute 206
Stitching table size [mm] 550 x 280
Working height [mm] 845
Throat depth from clincher box
to machine body [mm] for pad stitching
Throat depth from clincher box
to machine body [mm] for saddle stitching
Minimum staple distance [mm] 52 – 74
Maximum staple distance [mm] 330
Narrow Stitching heads  
Maximum distance between staples 330
Stitching head (standard) 52/8-S
Stitching head (optional) 43/6-S
Maximum number of stitching heads 4
Crown width [mm] 14
Stitching wire  
Round wire (standard) No. 24 – 28*
(Ø 0,60 – 0,40 mm)
Wire for loop stitching on request
*wire sizes according to european norm
Other wire types on request
Max. stitching thickness  
Clinched staple [mm] 8
Loop stitching [mm] (Optional) 3
Exchange parts for loop stitching up to [mm] depending on stitching head
All indications are depending on paper type and quality
Single cycle operated by foot switch
Type of stitching head 43/6-S
Exchange parts for other types of wire
Exchange parts for loop stitching kit [mm] Ø 6.0, 8.0
Machine height [mm] 1600
Floor space required [in mm LxWxH] 744 x 550 x 1564
Maximum number of work stations 1
Noise emmission [dB(A)] < 82
Power requirements  
Power [kW] 0,37
Tension [V] 230/400
Frequency [Hz] 50/3~*
*Other tension types on request
Net weight [kg] 146
Gross weight [kg] 184
Packaging dimensions [in mm LxWxH] 1030 x 800 x 1540


Subject to technical changes

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