Hohner HSB 13.000

The HSB 13.000 is our most forward thinking solution, requiring a minimum amount of personnel, to compliment your efficient workflow in the saddle binding element of your Bindery with shorter set-up times. Totally automated, if desired – even down to the compensating stacker – the HSB 13.000 can, like no other, be changed from one job to another, from small formats up to a maximum DIN A3 in a matter of minutes.
Manufacturer: Hohner

The advantages at a glance

  • Fully automatic adjustment of all components and assemblies (including stitching heads and all essential operating functions)
  • Easy menu navigation as well as pleasant and appealing visualization via user-friendly touchscreens for controlling and monitoring all relevant components
  • User-friendly setting points
  • Ergonomic feeding height
  • Minimum requirements in terms of personnel
  • Automatic format setting
  • Maximum precut format: 475 x 325 or 425 x 350 mm (max. formats cannot be combined)
  • Maximum cut format: 470 x 320-345 mm (max. formats cannot be combined)
  • Sequential on-and-off switching
  • Integrated, wear-free staple monitoring
  • Automated central lubrication for minimum maintenance requirements
  • Motor-driven adjustment in all elements – including stitching heads and clincher boxes
  • Equipped with technology leader Hohner’s HSS 42/6 narrow stitching heads, which have proven themselves worldwide
  • Blade connection via a strong frame structure in the trimmer
  • A total of 12 recirculating ball bushings for high-precision guidance and extremely long blade life
  • Simple adjustments to the scoring station (positive and negative scoring)
  • Remote diagnostics option
  • Modular system with extensive, customizable options for adaptation (various optional expansion possibilities, from a manual feeder to 16 automatic single signature feeders (vertical and horizontal), automatic vertical cover feeder and compact horizontal cover feeder for each feeder position after standard cover feeder (or 18 signature feeders without cover feeder), two-up set-up, 2:1 production, staple monitoring, Hohner compensating stacker and transport system for trim waste)
  • Speed regulation before idling of the feeders (self-regulating monitoring function)
  • Electronic handwheel in the trimmer (self-synchronization when leaving set-up mode)
  • Sequential feeder monitoring
  • Continuous display of errors and analysis option for each individual machine component
  • Large graphic touch controls on each individual machine component
  • Folding sheets can be fed individually during ongoing production (standby function)
  • It’s not just the main drive system that is equipped with servo drive technology. Even the format-relevant adjustments are implemented via servo drives with the latest technology, which is typical of Hohner. That means that machine availability is as high as possible and automated in a manner that increases the reliability of production in order to greatly limit production disruptions and downtime. These advantages can be clearly seen in our fast set-up and changeover times.
  • Single manual feeding station
Technical Information HSB 13.000 
Thickness capacity of trimmer: 12 mm in single production, When taking out a gutter, thickness is half of the width of the gutter
Maximum stitching thickness: 6 mm (for normal staples), (optional: loop stitching L6 maximum 3 mm and L8 maximum 2 mm)
Trim allowance Trimmer: 50 mm for front trim (depending on format)
50 mm for head and foot trim (depending on format)
Stitching heads: up to 6 automatical HOHNER Narrow HSS 42/6 Stitching Heads
Maximum feeder pile length of vertical feeder:
approx. 250 mm
Production speed: 500 - 13.000 products per hour (infinitely variable)
Supply voltage: 400 Volt, 3 Phasen, 50/60 Hz

Subject to technical changes

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