Hohner HSB DIGI-FS 9

The HSB DIGI-FS 9 is a real all-rounder: DIGI-Finisher, folder-stitcher and conventional saddle stitcher in one, making it a truly revolutionary product for postpress finishing. Depending on your requirements, it can be ultra-compact or expanded into a large system and offers typical Hohner user-friendliness and maximum flexibility.
Manufacturer: Hohner

Hohner HSB DIGI-FS 9

This hybrid system is the result of merging the previous separate processes of folding, collating and stitching in conventional or DIGI-finisher operation with the greatest possible flexibility. It features the new technical option of folding raw sheets directly from the press or sheets cut by the print roller in the subsequent folding process to form a complete booklet (consisting of content including an envelope of the same grammage). This results in extreme simplification for further processing; the folded booklet that has already been collated is only stitched in the high-precision wire-stitching unit and from there forwarded to the trimmer and delivery device. This results in complete elimination of single sheet, folded sheet and envelope feeder systems as well as problematic interfaces to the collating machine, for example. In this way, the folding machine can also be used to fold and feed and, in parallel operation, the saddle stitcher can also be used to independently produce a booklet at the same time. These two processes were previously only possible independently of each other.


Additional options


  • Small format version
  • Economical LED lighting for all components
  • Operational data collection
  • Camera systems (feeder) for quality monitoring
  • Remote diagnostics option and augmented reality for service (incl. video conference tool/Smartglasses)
  • Enhanced operating modes (such as variable suction timing in all feeder designs)
  • Service packages

The advantages at a glance

Modular, compact, and efficient

  • Three functions in one system: DIGI-Finisher, fold stitching, saddle stitching
  • Sheet feeding alternatively from the roll (endless) or from the flat pile feeder
  • Optional folding unit with four pockets (individually expandable to six)
  • Compact design with small floor space requirement
  • Cost-efficient investment total
  • Minimized staffing requirements of just one person who can operate all three subsystems in the production system
  • No more downtime for transporting the folded sheets to the saddle stitcher
  • Elimination of interfaces between collating machine and feeder systems
  • Increase in productivity
  • Subsequent expansion and adaptation of the system to individual customer requirements thanks to extensive modular system (diverse optional expansion options with regard to feeders, dual-use set-ups, staple monitoring, compensating counter stackers and transport systems for trim waste)
  • Ergonomic, user-friendly feeder height
  • blades connected via a closed and stable frame construction in the trimmer
  • A total of 12 recirculating ball bushings for high-precision guidance and extremely long blade life
  • Near elimination of staple misplacement
  • Use for individual processes is still ensured if required (DIGI-Finisher, folder or conventional saddle stitcher).



Technical information

The technical details give you an overview of the performance of the HSB DIGI-FS 9

Technical informationStandard-formatSmall format (optional)
Broadsheets FSA:
width x length
520 x 850 (1250) mm
660 x 850 (1250) mm
100 x 120 mm
Maximum format feeder:


back length x width
365 x 340 mm, trimmed
365 x 350 mm, untrimmed
95 (*80) x 60 mm;
*untrimmed (Front trim only)
Minimum format: 105 x 75 mm, trimmed
105 x 105 mm, untrimmed

95 x 60 mm, trimmed
70 x 60 mm, trimmed
(with punch cutting device)
**70 x 60 mm with punch cut 9 mm

Maximum cutting thickness: 10 mm 10 mm
Maximum stitching thickness: 5 mm  
Maximum distances in trimmer:   50 mm for front trim
(depending on format)
each 50 mm for head and foot trim
(depending on format)
Number of stitching heads: up to 4 centrally adjustable HOHNER UNIVERSAL 52/8S Narrow Stitching Heads;
Standard crown widths 14 mm
(Optional widths: 8 mm, 16 mm)
(Optional loop inner diameter -ø: 6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm)
(Optional with HOHNER UNIVERSAL 43/6S Narrow Stitching Heads)
Speed: 2.000 – 9.000 products per hour (infinitely variable)
Supply voltage: 400 Volt, 3 phases, 50 Hz

Subject to technical changes

Coming Soon

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