Kompac Elite Label 10

Enhance the look and feel of your printed materials by using the Kompac Elite Label 10 - a small, yet powerful UV & aqueous coating and priming system capable of fitting label rolls or cut sheets up to 10” wide by any length. This compact desktop coater is the perfect inline/offline solution for smaller print jobs and provides production-level quality.
Manufacturer: Kompac


Kompac Elite Label 10

  • Compact, flood coating system

  • Easily apply UV, aqueous, specialty coatings and primers

  • Handles rolls up to 10” wide by unlimited length (can also handle sheets)

  • Designed to support the short run label market

  • Allows users to create premium labels using low cost substrates

  • Can be placed inline or offline

  • Optional unwind/rewind or feed table/delivery chute for sheets

  • Provides coating control and speed adjustment on-the-fly with a color touch screen

  • Eliminates the need for re-circulation of the coating – no waste!

  • 2-minute standard coating change


Allows users to create premium labels using low cost substrates

Labels and sheets flood coated on the Elite Label 10 provide abrasion resistance and added durability for products with repeat handling and shipping, protection from the outdoor elements, and shields against chemicals, cleaners, fingerprints, foods and water. Whether digital or offset printing, the Kompac Elite Label 10 will enhance the aesthetic quality and create the ultimate finish with vibrant, rich colors and brilliant shine.

In-house label coating just got easier with Kompac's Elite Label 10 UV and Aqueous coating solution! Prime substrates before inkjet and digital label printing - or coat them afterwards with a variety of finishes ranging from high gloss to matte!

Kompac Coatings & Primers

A proper coating can enhance the appearance and durability, increasing the printed product’s value. Kompac offers a wide range of finishing options, with a complete line of UV, aqueous, specialty coatings and primers available for all products. Kompac will help you create a visually outstanding finished product! Place orders through our website, or by contacting our sales department. Available in 1, 2.5 & 5 gallon pails, these coatings can be ordered and shipped worldwide.

In addition to regular coatings, Kompac has developed custom coating solutions for special applications, and aqueous and UV primers for difficult to print on substrates. These special purpose coatings can be used for the following applications:

•Soft touch•Writing/gluing •Dry erase •Silver/gold scratch off •Blister packaging
•Non-skid/sand •Food grade application•Playing cards •White opaque

Product Specifications

Sheet Size: 10" width, virtually any length
UV Lamp: Solid State - infinitely variable UV Solid State
Speed:  Up to 80 feet per minute (24m)
Stock Weight:  7pt. to 30pt. 150g/m² to 600g/m²
Controls: Adjustable speed & UV intensity
Weight:  200lbs. 90kgs
Dimensions:  32"L x 20"W x 20"H (.82m x .51m x .51m)
Electrical:  208-230/1Φ/50-60Hz/25 amps 208-230/1Φ/50-60Hz/25 amps208-230/1Φ/50-60Hz/25 amps

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