Kompac EZ Koat 30 Plus

UV/Aqueous Flood Coating & Curing System for Cut-Sheets and Web. Suitable for both small and large jobs
Manufacturer: Kompac

Kompac EZ Koat 30 Plus

The EZ Koat 30 Plus can be used offline to produce jobs on-demand, using sheets up to 30.5” wide by virtually any length. Users can easily apply UV, aqueous, specialty coatings and primers. Whether digital output or offset, each job will have the visual appeal, lasting durability, protection and rub resistant finish that your customers expect! The EZ Koat 30 Plus produces the highest gloss and a perfect finish every time!

  • Most effective, sheet-fed or web flood      coating and priming system

  • Can be used inline or offline

  • Handles substrates up to 30.5”      (775mm) wide by unlimited length (hand-fed)

  • Uses Solid State Digital UV lamp      controller that permits infinite curing and temperature control, saving power and money

  • Eliminates the need for re-circulation of the coating – no waste!

  • 2-minute coating change (no tanks to clean!

Available Options

Kompac Vac: Quick and effortless 2-minute coating change & clean up
Coating Sensor: Automatically detects coating level & replenishes as needed
IR Dryer: Dries aqueous coatings and assists UV coating wet-out for increased gloss
Sheet Detection: Monitoring system helps prevent fires and track sheet counts
Interface Conveyor: Allows for inline coating on select digital & offset presses
High Pile Feeder: Pallet/Dolly loadable feeder for high volume feeding
High Pile Stacker: Pallet/Dolly loadable stacker for high volume stacking
Cool UV : Add on for heat sensitive substrates
Corona Treating: For plastic, synthetic, and metalized substrates

Paper Handling

In-Line Sheet Fed: For users looking to produce higher volumes, the EZ Koat 30 Plus can be placed in-line with large format printers to create an automated workflow solution. Using the Kompac conveyer system, printed sheets are automatically sent to the EZ Koat 30, where they are flood coated, cured and re-stacked.

Feeders and Stackers: For increased speed over hand-feeding, the EZ Koat 30 Plus is modular, and can be paired with the following feeders and stackers:

Product Specifications

Sheet Size: 30.5” (775mm) x unlimited length (hand-fed)
UV Lamp: Solid state - variable UV 110-400 watts/inch
Speed: Up to 200 fpm (60 m/m)
Stock Weight: 7pt. to 30pt (140 to 600 g/m²)
Weight: 1000 lbs. 455kgs
Dimensions: 115"L x 48"W x 51"H (2.9m x 1.2m x 1.3m)
Coater Electrical: 460-490/3Φ/50-60Hz/30 amps 380-400/13Φ/50-60Hz/30 amps

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