Uchida Countron AT

Count media from 80-400gsm with our range of paper counting machines.
Manufacturer: Uchida

Countron AT


The perfect solution for counting digital stocks.

The Countron AT is a world leading machine designed uniquely to count up to 400gsm paper / card making it ideal for any printer with a need for counting and separating cards by batch.

The new counting system prevents any damage to corners of printed jobs or blank sheets. This is achieved by separating the stack using a twin blade system, designed to take the stress off the sheets. This makes the machine the perfect addition for printers, who until now, have been unable to count their stock, printed or new and separate sets with paper tabs.


  • Counts up to 1500 sheets per minute
  • Counts stocks up to 80-400gsm
  • Tab insertion for separating printed batches
  • High pile height (up to 220mm)
  • User friendly operation



Product Specification

Speed:Up to 1,500 sheets per minute
Dimensions:W900 x D1085 x H1400mm
Electrical Requirements:110,115, 220, 230, 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Product Weight:260 kg
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