Nagel Foldnak 40 Booklet Maker

Immaculate Nagel Foldnak 40 booklet maker. In perfect working order, comes with 6 months warranty.

Nagel Foldnak 40 

Perfect for in-house print shops and copy shops: The Nagel Foldnak 40 bookletmaker takes all qualities of paper using both standard and loop staples.
Industrial stapling heads, loop staples as standard feature, staple exactly on the fold thanks to patented Foldnak principle, accurate release by photocell.

CD booklets up to SRA3 sizes, any size in between, up to 100 pages/80 gsm, up to 4 industrial staplers.

Infeed belt makes hand-feeding easier, goes inline to collators, fast inline change of sheet size by link stand with sliding table.

Production of booklets, price lists, manuals, CD booklets etc. Processes all qualities of paper taken from photocopiers, small offset presses, duplicators, printers and reprographic equipment. Reprographic departments, quick printers, copy shops, inhouse printing departments

To a collator the Foldnak 40 produces up to 1500 booklets/hour.

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