Today Rhin-O-Tuff offers a full range of paper punching and document binding systems. The Rhin-O-Tuff brand of equipment is known for high quality and unsurpassed durability by thousands of commercial and corporate users.

Whether the need is to increase productivity in a copy center, bindery, digital printing environment, or to add the convenience of doing binding “in-house” for a corporate office, Rhin-O-Tuff has the binding, document finishing, or document handling solution to handle all your demands.

Picture of Rhin-O-Tuff ONYX HD7700H Heavy Duty Electric Hole Punch

This durable, table-top style, electric paper punch handles up to 110 sheets and features Rhin-O-Tuff's patented E-Z quick change die system for production of spiral bound, wire bound, or comb bound documents.

Picture of Rhin-O-Tuff ONYX 4000PLUS Hole Punch Machine

An affordable, open-ended comb, coil, and spiral hole punch machine designed for accurate punching of up to 20 sheets at a time.

Picture of Rhin-O-Tuff ONYX HD6500 Paper Punching Machine

Punching up to 40 sheets of paper at once and featuring a removable-bolt interchangeable die system for comb, wire and spiral punching, this paper punch is ideal for those who want the flexibility of an all-in-one, use the same hole punch pattern regularly.

Picture of Rhin-O-Tuff ONYX OD4012 Hole Punch Machine

Versatile, Yet Simple! With it's quick change die system for spiral, comb, and wire punching, easy pin pulls, and preset paper stop positions, this heavy duty paper punch is designed with the operator in mind.

Picture of Rhin-O-Tuff ONYX HD7000 Paper Punching Machine

Switch out dies in 30 seconds for comb, wire, and spiral custom hole punch capabilities expertly engineered into one electric hole punch machine that can hold up to 80 sheets at a time.

Picture of Rhin-O-Tuff ONYX HD7700 Ultima Industrial Hole Punching Machine

Designed for high volume commercial and corporate document binding projects, this heavy duty electric paper punching system is robust, versatile, packed with features.

Picture of Rhin-O-Tuff ONYX HD7500 Horizontal Paper Punch Machine

Ideal for calendar punch and bind jobs, this heavy duty comb, wire, spiral and coil punch machine features a built-in die storage, pull out extension table, easy pin pulls, and pre-set paper stop positions.

Picture of Rhin-O-Tuff ONYX e4100 Electric Coil Binding Inserter

A stand-alone coil inserter uniquely engineered with a gripping roller and adjustable lower roller for fast and accurate coil insertion.

Picture of Rhin-O-Tuff ONYX Rhin-O-Roll Electric Coil Inserter

Constructed with two 12-inch dual powered rollers, this adaptable coil inserter is designed for fast binding of documents of all pitches and diameters.

Picture of Rhin-O-Tuff ONYX HD8370 Semi-Automatic Wire Closer

Forget about hand inserting and threading double loop wire, this wire binding machine inserts and closes the wire element in a single step!

Picture of Rhin-O-Tuff ONYX HC8318 Semi-Automatic Wire Inserter & Closer

This 18-inch wire inserter and closer is ideal for binding double loop wire bound calendars and other wide format documents in one fluid motion.

Picture of Rhin-O-Tuff ONYX HC8024 Manual Wire Binding Machine

This durable yet affordable manual wire closing machine offers fast, accurate, wide application binding for documents up to 24 inches in length.

Picture of Rhin-O-Tuff Tornado Autopunch

The Rhin-O-Tuff® Tornado Autopunch EX is an industry breakthrough system that uses BDT Print Media’s advanced media handling technology to automatically feed, collate, punch and deliver offset book stacks ready for binding in a single platform.

Picture of Rhin-O-Tuff Dies/Crimping Pliers

See how easy and quickly all the Rhin-O-Tuff dies/tools can be changed.

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