Rhin-O-Tuff ONYX HD7500 Horizontal Paper Punch Machine

Ideal for calendar punch and bind jobs, this heavy duty comb, wire, spiral and coil punch machine features a built-in die storage, pull out extension table, easy pin pulls, and pre-set paper stop positions.
Manufacturer: Rhin-O-Tuff

ONYX HD7500 

The Onyx HD7500 Horizontal is a 24-inch (610mm) open-ended comb, wire, spiral and coil punch machine for calendar and other applications. It features the patented “quick change” die system for changing punch patterns in 30 seconds. There is built-in die storage to conveniently store two 24-inch (610 mm) dies behind the Onyx HD7500H. It has a Pull-Out Extension Table for larger size jobs, which reduces overall footprint when not in use.


The Onyx HD7500 Horizontal was designed with the operator in mind, offering quick, easy set-up including easy pin pulls and pre-set paper stop positions. The machine comes with twin motors, giving you plenty of power for those difficult jobs. Add a three-year warranty on the makes the HD7500 top of its class. Designed for mid to high volume commercial and corporate use.

Product Features

Pull-Out Extension Table: For larger size jobs. Reduces overall foot print when not in use. Patented Quick Change Die System “QCDS.” 24 inch (610 mm) Open Ended Punching: Allows for Wider Applications. 25 Cycles Per Minute. Rated up to 40 sheets or up to 80 Pages of 20 pound (80 gsm). The number of sheets depends on the paper weight and punch pattern used.

EXTRA HIGH Capacity Chip Tray. Large Slide-Out Container.Neverworryaboutover-flls. Smooth, Quiet, Power on Demand Operation. All Punch Pins easily disengage. Built-In Die Storage: Conveniently store up to two 24 inch (610 mm) Dies Behind the HD7500H. At last! A place to store your extra punch tools. 3 YearWarranty.


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