Uchida was originally established as a trading company to provide high quality office equipment, furniture and systems 100 years ago. Since its very beginning, we have supplied paper handling, print finishing equipment and systems to all major overseas markets through a global network of distributors and dealers. The company is now recognized as a leading Japanese manufacturer of finishing systems designed specifically for digital print market. To meet the demands of rapidly growing and changing digital print markets, Uchida keeps building up unique product lineup.

Picture of Uchida AeroCut Nano – Professional Card Cutter

The AeroCut Nano is the entry level model for cutting and slitting operations. It comes as standard with 2 single and 2 double slitter blades. These blades can be easily adjusted and secured using Uchida’s new patented InstaSet bar technology.

Picture of Uchida VS-55 Electric Paper Drill

The Uchida VS-55 Paper Drill is a heavy-duty paper drill to handle regular drilling work, while retaining simplicity of use and with no loss of versatility. It is the machine to use where quantities of documents need to be drilled for correct archiving. The choice of holes drilled rises to 13mm in diameter while a 376mm maximum paper length will cover the paper formats that are most common in office use.

Picture of Uchida AeroCut One – Professional card cutter

The AeroCut One is the basic slitter/cutter/creaser. This is the redeveloped model of the original AeroCut launched in 2010, featuring enhanced productivity and user-friendliness. The AeroCut One is designed, built and calibrated with Japanese engineering and craftsmanship at its best.

Picture of Uchida Aerocut Prime

AeroCut Prime, the most productive and versatile digital finisher ever.

Picture of Uchida VS 200 Twin Head Drill

Compact table top twin head drill

Picture of Uchida VS 25 Single Head Drill

Compact tabletop single head drill

Picture of Uchida AJ-700 Air Jogger

The Uchida AJ-700 Air jogger is a useful addition to any busy digital or litho print room. The addition of air to the jogging action gives a quick and reliable knock up of the most uneven of paper stacks.

Picture of Uchida Countron AT

Count media from 80-400gsm with our range of paper counting machines.

Picture of Uchida CT 350

The perfect solution for automatic paper counting

Picture of Uchida Countron Touch

The perfect solution for high speed counting.

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