Uchida AJ-700 Air Jogger

The Uchida AJ-700 Air jogger is a useful addition to any busy digital or litho print room. The addition of air to the jogging action gives a quick and reliable knock up of the most uneven of paper stacks.
Manufacturer: Uchida

Uchida AJ-700 

An additional use for the AJ-700 is in separating sheets prior to loading into a digital press. This helps to eliminate double sheet feeding and helps to reduce static in the paper stock. The AJ-700 is also useful in removing powder spray form between litho printed sheets.

Jogging strength and air volume are adjustable according to paper quantity and quality.

In addition, the AJ-700A can operate in various modes such as air only, jogger only reset timer operation and the time interval difference mode(continuous jogging for a preset period after the air has stopped.




Dimensions 470mm x 420mm x 995mm
Electrical Requirements 50 or 60Hz
Product Weight 35kg  



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