Valiani Geminus

Geminus is the flagship of mat-board cutting machine that combines reliability, high speed and large format. Destined for companies with important production levels, it is able to guarantee 7 days a week, 24 hours a day operation.
Manufacturer: Valiani


Valiani Geminus

Geminus iV is created to surprise with incredible speed and extreme precision; destined for large companies having important levels of production, it perfectly combines performance with reliability.

Thanks to an extremely solid and strong structure the Geminus iV can handle complex working cycles whilst offering 24/7 productivity.

Equipped with two independent heads and a permanent pen holder (1) means no interruption during the work cycle. These characteristics translate into high capacity production by being able to simultaneously use 3 tools which, if combined with the large range of interchangeable heads, provide a huge variety of workflow options.


Technical Specifications Geminus iV 250


Working area:1250mm x 1900mm
Width: 2550mm
Depth: 1870mm
Height: 960mm
Weight: 240kg
Max Speed: 1200mm/sec
Main Supply: SP / 110V60Hz/10S, 220V/50Hz/10A
Pneumatics: 6 Bar/90 PSI
Connectivity: USB
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