Valiani Optima 50

Optima 50 is the entry level cutting solution for short run cutting projects. Extremely compact and affordable, it’s the ideal solution for a company wishing to start producing mock-ups, prototypes and small production lots without the need of die cutting.
Manufacturer: Valiani

Valiani Optima 50



Optima V 50 is so compact to fits to all work environments and digital print formats.


With the tool holder system it is easier to swap from one tool to another, creating the perfect configuration for various cutting requirements.


  1. High-quality and cutting precision for all materials
  2. Perfect price-quality ratio
  3. Low-cost maintenance

Optima 50 is a single head cutting system capable of swapping from one tool to another in less than 10 Secs without any adjustment. It comes as standard with a Tangential cutting tool (cutting up to 5 mm), a creasing tool and a camera which, in combination with OptiCrop software, allows you to detect printing crop marks and perform contour cuts.

Optima 50 can hold two A3 + sheets or a material whose maximum size is 55 x 80 cm. The machine comes with a basement workbench, a vacuum bed for easier media holding and a fold away pins system for easy-alignment. 

The Optima 50 is also equipped with a Creasing Tool and a set of 9 different creasers/perforating wheels that can handle cardstocks and corrugated cardboards.

Competitive Price, Extra-large Warranty

The Optima 5 will allow you to achieve the perfect balance between productivity, performance and price.

And not only: we are so sure of the reliability of our machinery that we have extended the warranty on all the machines purchased directly from Valiani to 5 years: take advantage of it, it is a unique offer on the market!


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